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Hometown Cinemas 5 in Terrell Texas is a first run motion picture exhibitor. Located off I-20 in the Tanger Outlet Mall. Hometown Cinemas movie theatre is just 30 miles East of downtown Dallas yet offers the personal touch of a Hometown theatre.

The "Hometown Cinemas" name was chosen to represent the feel you would expect from you local hometown theatre. We provide traditional first rate service combined with the most advanced sound and projection systems for a superior quality of presentation. Our goal it not only to provide a great cinematic presentation and experience, but also to give you the touch of personal service in a comfortable atmosphere that you cannot obtain in a large multiplex theater. We promote a positive family environment, not just among our customers, or guests, but also among the staff. We believe that going to the movies should be a purely enjoyable experience all the way around, no matter when you come are what film you are seeing. Our General Managers work side by side with their staff in serving our guests to ensure the standard of quality that our name stands represents, and to be effective at attending to our guest needs as they arise.

"I believe in providing an atmosphere where wholesome family fun can flourish, but most importantly I believe in a sense of community. Here at Hometown we provide an experience like no other. Customers are able to come and enjoy excellent customer service and watch first-run Hollywood movies at an affordable price."

Lottie Young
General Manager for Terrell 5

Hometown Cinemas has 3 locations in Texas;
also in Gun Barrel City and Lockhart.


In all 3 locations We utilize one of the most advanced digital projection system on the market. Currently all 19 auditoriums are retrofitted with Sony Digital Cinema 4K Projectors. We use the latest Sony SRX-R515P Digital Cinema Projection system, which is the most unique system on the market for several reasons.

Light levels are the pinnacle of a good presentation. Our projectors are unique in this way and the first of their kind to utilize 6 High Pressure Mercury lamps instead of one Xenon lamp used in all other digital projectors. This allows for one or more lamps to dim or go out and still maintain industry standard brightness levels. Self-adjusting software ensures the light level stays even and bright across the entire screen, maintaining a whopping 15,000 lumens constantly. No matter when you see a movie, you get the highest quality light level as if it were a fresh new lamp every show...good news for the movie snobs out there like us. All other single lamp systems begin to lose light levels after only a few weeks resulting in sub standard levels through the majority of the lamp life.

The Sony 515P also possesses high frame rate capabilities of 48fps and 60fps. The only films current shot at 48fps are the three Hobbit films, and the remaining three Avatar movies are set for 60fps. HFR content is mostly found in the production of sport games and network shows such as Planet Earth by The Discovery Channel. Despite scarce high frame rate content, 4K resolution films are on the rise. The term 4K resolution means the image is 4 times the resolution of your 1080 home television. Some films from 2014 filmed in 4K resolution were: Fury, Annie, Gone Girl, The Expendables 3, The Maze Runner, and Interstellar. Additionally, Sony make the only dual 3D lens system on the market. Unlike traditional single 3D lenses, the dual lens system allows for the left eye and right eye images to be projected on the screen simultaneously, the way our eyes naturally see the world, allowing a more natural and comfortable 3D experience.

Terrell is hometown to the well known actor Jamie Fox, star of recent films such as THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN 2, and the classic remake ANNIE 2014.




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