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Summer Movie Camp 2018
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MPAA Ratings:
A voluntary system not enforced by law, it is one of the various motion picture rating systems used to help parents decide what movies are appropriate for their children. In the U.S., the MPAA's rating systems are the most-recognized guide for parents regarding the content of movies. Theatre owners voluntarily agree to enforce corporate film ratings as determined by the MPAA.

What the ratings mean:
G: General Audiences - All ages admitted
PG: Parental Guidance Suggested - Some material may not be suitable for children
PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned - Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13:
R: Restricted - Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult* guardian present throughout the entire feature.
*Adult is defined as a person 25 years or older.

In order to assure the most suitable movie-going environment for our mature patrons, we are no longer admitting children under the age of 6 to R rated movies after.

Hometown Cinemas does not show NC-17 films.



The NO's of Hometown Cinemas:
NO outside food or drink
NO video recording devices (this is a criminal offense and violators will be prosecuted)
NO smoking or alcohol
NO cell phone use at all
NO visiting or talking during the film
NO entry through exit doors (this is theft)
NO crying babies or children (please take them into the hallway)
NO vulgar displays of affection
NO profanity towards or within earshot of staff or patrons
NO personal checks
NO pets
NO loitering or soliciting
Finally NO bad attitudes :)

The DO's of Hometown Cinemas:
DO have an awesome time
DO experience the show the way the filmmaker intended
DO eat lots of popcorn and candy but don't get sick
DO tell us your compliments or complaints, we want to hear the good and the bad
DO bring your family for a memorable experience
DO come back and see us
DO get your free refill on tubs of popcorn
DO have your birthday party with us and enjoy the magic of hollywood

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